The best medical treatments and solutions for obesity are grounded in scientific research. Our team relies on evidence-based discoveries and practices that produce the best outcomes.

We encourage you to participate in our appropriate studies.

In addition to the outpatient clinic and surgical components, Dr. Schauer is developing research labs staffed by highly skilled, biomedical science professionals. The team will grow to be the most comprehensive group of clinical experts to be found under one roof. Our goal is to establish Pennington Biomedical as THE research and treatment institution in the world for metabolic surgery, bringing bariatric clinical research trials to the patients we serve.

First opened in 1988, the research center is globally recognized as the leader in physiology, metabolic, and nutritional research in its quest for a better understanding of the chronic diseases of obesity, diabetes, and related conditions. Our research has shown that bariatric surgery is an effective intervention to achieve weight loss and improve health outcomes. On average, individuals who undergo bariatric surgery can expect to lose 75%-80% of their excess weight, and 75% of those with type 2 diabetes achieve remission from this condition. These numbers vary and depend on factors such as procedure, age, starting weight, and medical history. Losing excessive weight is extremely rare.  

The Pennington Biomedical HeadsUp study with the Louisiana State Office of Group Benefits showed that adults with severe obesity in Louisiana who received bariatric surgery experienced a nearly 60% reduction in medical and pharmacy costs over three years after surgery compared to those who did not receive the surgery.

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